CANYON COUNTY -- After months of trying to decide whether or not to run for office, the Republican candidate for Canyon County's House District 10B is choosing to fight for a seat in the Idaho Legislature.

Back in April, Greg Chaney, the only name on the Republican primary ballot, said he was dropping out of the race after a past misdemeanor charge was brought to light by the media.

However, Chaney won the May primary and just recently issued a statement saying he is still in the race.

Chaney told KTVB Monday that his decision to withdraw from the race had nothing to do with his qualifications, but he worried reports about his past would take away from electing the best person for the job.

I know what it s like to just go through the business of life, said Chaney.

Chaney calls himself a family man and your average guy. The 32-year-old wanted to bring his experience of working a blue collar job and raising a blended family with six kids to the Legislature.

He told us why he decided to run for the seat back in March.

I wanted to continue on with the tradition that has been in this county, he said.

Chaney also talked openly about a past criminal charge in 2009 when he was arrested for disturbing the peace and malicious injury to property after a domestic dispute.

I was pretty intoxicated, pretty loud and obnoxious, he explained. I did not act like I should have and I was not living the kind of lifestyle that I should have been living.

As those reports about his past legal issues came out, Chaney explained he had a change of heart about the election and tried to pull his name off the ballot.

During that time, two other Canyon County candidates entered the race as write-ins, but in May the voters chose Chaney.

He said he took time to talk with his community partners and family about the path forward.

There was a lot of time spent talking with the family time in prayer, time talking with members of the Republican Party, time talking with members of the community at large, said Chaney.

Now with his past out in the open, Chaney said he is ready to push ahead into the November election and show voters who he really is.

It feels really quite freeing at this point to have everything on the table, to have the cards on the table, and at this point I can go out person by person, voter by voter, and start making my case, he said.

Chaney will face Democrat Leif Skyving in November for a seat in the Idaho House of Representatives.

Here is a statement from Leif Skyving:

I welcome Mr. Chaney to the race. His re-entry gives Caldwell voters a clear choice and contrast.
As the father of two wonderful kids I understand the importance of family and what it takes to make a home.
My nearly 7 years of service as a School Board Trustee gives me invaluable experience in working to make sure all of our kids are safe and well educated, while overseeing balanced budgets, along with all the intricacies that go into running Caldwell s largest employer; the Caldwell school district.
As a small business owner and the son of small business owners, I understand the demands of starting and running a small business. Most important, I take the word representative to mean exactly that. I am running to represent the citizens of Caldwell, I will be available in person, by phone, by e-mail and in regular town hall meetings. Please go to my web site for more information. I ask for your support.

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