SAN ANTONIO -- Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl's reintegration process is continuing at Brooke Army Medical Center as he is walking and speaking.

However, access to the media is extremely limited for two reasons:

1.) The U.S. Army is concerned about Bergdahl's safety. They do not want any one from the outside of Brooke Army Medical Center to have access to him other than military medical personnel.

2.) The extreme sensitivity of this case, and of course the Army has assigned a 2-star general to investigate the how and the why did Bergdahl leave his base in Afghanistan five years ago.

The investigation is expected to start next week, however the isn't a hard schedule involved in his reintegration process, and that's because the team of medical professionals want to make sure Bergdahl is competent and ready to answer question that could lead to the most extreme consequences.

Anything surround the controversy of his disappearance is not part of reintegration. That'll be addressed in an investigation done by the Department of Army after reintegration is complete, said Major General Joseph P. Disalvo, Commanding General of the U.S. Army South, in a press conference on Friday.

According to reports published in San Antonio, there is a medical exam team of a hundred inside Brooke Army Medical Center.

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