BOISE - Two more inmates at the Idaho Correctional Center south of Boise have been charged in connection with an attempt to smuggle music devices and a cellphone into the prison.

Jason Lee Johnson, 37, and Troy Daniel McClure, 30, were transferred to the Ada County Jail Tuesday to each face a felony charge of introducing major contraband into a jail.

Danielle Pennington of Caldwell and inmate Devon Elmore were charged with the same crime last month. Sheriff's officials say Pennington taped iPods, a cellphone and several chargers beneath the false bottom of a box mailed to the prison.

The package's secret contents were discovered by a guard who found the items inside the prison.

Cellphones are banned because prison officials say they could be used to conduct illegal activity or even threaten witnesses and victims from behind bars.

While inmates can purchase one type of music player from the prison commissary, iPods are also outlawed because some of them have access to the internet. The prison also wants to keep tabs on what inmates listen to: The Idaho Department of Correction bans pornographic songs or those containing hate-speech or gang themes.

All four suspects could face up to five years in prison if convicted. Johnson and McClure are set to be arraigned Wednesday, while Elmore has a preliminary hearing scheduled for July 7.

Pennington, who is currently free on bond, is scheduled for a preliminary hearing June 17.

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