BOISE -- The Boise City Council passed three resolutions Tuesday to help move the City Center Plaza project forward. The Gardner Company is now one step closer to breaking ground on a new transit center near the US Bank building in Downtown Boise.

The Boise City Council approved three resolutions:

  • Impact fee deferral agreement between the City of Boise and the Gardner Company
  • Impact fee deferral agreement between the Ada County Highway District and the Gardner Company
  • Agreement so the Gardner Company can up-size the geothermal system in Main Street.

We are at a point where it really is about building permits, said Geoffrey Wardle, Vice President of Development and General Counsel for the Gardner Company.

Wardle said working closely with Valley Regional Transit on the project is speeding things up.

Their grant from the federal government has a sunset date, their component of the project has to be up, and open, and functioning by the end of 2016, Wardle said. So they have spent seven years looking for a spot, they have been through multiple environmental assessment to get to sites, so that's really what has driven this project as quickly, is to be able to meet their time-line within their budget, it requires us to move fairly quickly.

The City of Boise decided to defer fees for Gardner Company to help make sure this project happens.

This is a very significant project for the public, said Adam Park, spokesman for the City of Boise. It's solving multiple problems that we've been facing here in the city for many years, finding a site for the multi-modal center, something we've been struggling to do for eight years, expanding the convention center to allow the convention center to compete for 70 percent of the convention market while now they only compete for 20 percent.

Park said Gardner Company will pay the fees when the project is done. Developers are planning to have the project completed in the summer of 2016.

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