BOISE - Police say they have caught the man responsible for attacking two people in Boise.

Don D. Williams, 33, was arrested Sunday.

A woman told police a man asked her for directions as she walked near the Boise State library in July of last year. She said the man touched her inappropriately, cornering her in a stairwell and holding her against a wall when she tried to get away. The woman was able to escape and went immediately to a Boise Police Department substation to report the crime.

The second attack happened in January. A teenage girl told officers she was leaving her workplace near West Franklin Road and North Milwaukee Street, when a man pinned her to the car and touched her sexually. The girl pushed the man back and drove away.

Both victims were able to give police a description of their attacker. An investigation by the Boise Police Special Victims Unit linked Williams to both cases. A warrant was issued Sunday, and he was arrested later that day with help from the US Marshals Service.

Williams is facing charges of misdemeanor battery for the attack on Boise State's campus and felony sexual battery for the attack on the teen.

Police spokeswoman Lynn Hightower said prosecutors decided what the charges would be.

The officers will send it up as one charge, but the prosecutors will make the decision based on what they think they can do in court, she said. That's their decision.

Hightower said the first incident was charged as a misdemeanor because the victim is an adult. Misdemeanor battery refers to any touching that is unwanted. The second charge is a felony because of that victim's age, she said.

The behavior was similar, but the victim is a minor, a teenage girl, so in that case they went with the sexual battery charge, she said.

Police believe there may be more victims, and are urging anyone with information to call non-emergency dispatch at 377-6790 or Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

There is some indication that perhaps there was a pattern of behavior, Hightower said. That's why the detectives are asking if anyone else has similar incidents that have not been reported to come forward.

Williams, who is currently held in the Ada County Jail in lieu of a $500,000 bond, is set for a preliminary hearing June 13.

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