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BOISE -- A longtime Boise brewery is closing its doors, while others are opening up in a booming beer market.

It s a staple, said Michela Swarthout as she and a friend walked out of TableRock BrewPub Sunday afternoon after finishing a beer.

But her mood suddenly changed when she learned that the restaurant and Boise s oldest brewery was to close this coming Thursday.

Now I am holding back tears, she laughed. I like the heritage of it. It s been here since I was a kid; of course I couldn t indulge in it. It s just TableRock Brewing is a Boise staple.

Assistant manager Rutherford Pangeliana said the owners decided to close down the brewpub and rent out the space to the owners of another restaurant and brewery called Grind Modern Burger.

Those owners will operate inside the existing TableRock space in connection with Brewforia and all the equipment inside TableRock was sold to the new owners.

When it opens, it won t be TableRock, said Pangeliana. The name is no longer going to be there.

But why close it?

Pangeliana said the reason is personal, but also said the decision has nothing to do with the recent Boise brewery boom.

Pangeliana has been the assistant manager for six months but said some of the employees have been working at TableRock for years.

It s hard. It s very difficult especially because some of these guys have been here for years, he said.

Although it s known for its beer, Swarthout swooned over their food too, and said surely everyone will miss something about this Boise staple.

The bread pudding here is amazing, she said. I don t know where I can get bread pudding that is as good.

Loyal customers have until Thursday to come in and enjoy it before it s gone forever.

So please come on down and enjoy the environment, the craft, enjoy TableRock for one last time, said Pangeliana.

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