BOISE -- This July, those with an enhanced concealed weapons license will be allowed to bring their guns to on Idaho college and university campuses. The law details what is legal, but universities have to figure out how that fits into daily life on their campus.

We're meeting with security all the time, we're talking to faculty and staff, and students to get some reaction to what they'd like to see on campus, said Greg Hahn, associate vice president for communications and marketing at Boise State University.

One part of the new law says guns are not allows in venues with more than 1,000 people. Right now, Taco Bell Arena, which seats just over 12,000 people, uses metal detector wands at concerts, but not at basketball games.

Officials at Boise State are looking at rules at other universities and event venues.

Some universities have everything from metal detectors to wands, to no bags to clear bags, said Hahn. Everybody's rules around the country are different, so we're just going to try to see what works best for Boise State.

The unique thing about Taco Bell Arena and other large venues, like the Morrison Center, Bronco Stadium, and the Student Union Building, is that they are located on campus.

We just want to make sure that people know what to expect when they get here, and that's what we're working on is to kind of build all those plans and get the word out here before July 1st, Hahn said.

We got mixed opinions from students on the new law.

I don't really feel in danger, I mean, nothing has really changed, said Boise State sophomore Ethan Wendland.

I think it's completely unnecessary, I think that it's just asking for an accident to happen, said Boise State junior Rachel Canan.

Two months after the bill was signed into law, Boise State is still trying to figure out all the rules.

Reports of a gun right now require a full campus police responding, armed police responding, said Hahn. I'm not sure that's going to change because the law is very specific to concealed weapons, and if the weapon's not concealed then all of sudden it kind of spurs that.

Hahn confirmed that there will be some sort of signage on campus, but declined to go into detail on other changes because he said they are still working things out.

Boise State officials are taking this as an opportunity to look over all their safety protocol.

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