SHOSHONE COUNTY, Idaho -- The Shoshone County Jail failed its annual inspection from the Idaho Sheriff s Association. It is because the jail at times only has one guard on-duty to watch over an average of 30 inmates.

The Shoshone County Sheriff and other jail staff said they are not pleased with the situation. They said they would like to hire more jail staff but their budget does not allow it.

We put in for detention deputies every year. The funding s not there, so we just don t get them, said Shoshone County Jail Commander, Captain Rick Smith.

This is the third year in a row the jail has failed the inspection by the Idaho Sheriff s Association. The association requires that jails have at least two qualified staff members on-duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The jail usually does have two staff members working but there are times when just one deputy is on-duty.

The jail is allowed to keep operating this way. The jail could see a drop in its insurance coverage because of the failure. This would mean the county would potentially pay more money if it were to lose a lawsuit. Officials do not believe this will happen until the fall when the new fiscal year starts.

KREM 2 News left messages at the County Commissioner s Office to see if there are any plans to increase funding for the jail.

The Sheriff said he is going to continue to ask the county for more money to address the issue.

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