SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. Court records filed Wednesday detailed what happened to a 12-year-old boy before a SWAT raid on a Spokane Valley house.

One of the suspects arrested Tuesday was accused of threatening the boy with a chainsaw and telling him that he would cut him up in little pieces. Detectives came across the beaten boy on Tuesday when two Spokane Valley homes were raided in search of stolen property.

Authorities said it was stolen property that brought Spokane County detectives to Robert Pearson s home but it was the discovery of the boy that kept them there so long.

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Court documents outlined the allegations made against Pearson. The documents said the boy s father brought him to Pearson s home to be disciplined.

Documents showed Pearson forced the boy to pick up dog feces with his bare hands. The boy s father claimed the boy was caught stealing.

Records showed the boy told detectives that Pearson held an orange chain saw next to him and said, Next time you do that to your parents, I ll chop you up. Do you want to go missing?

KREM 2 News spoke with Pearson on Tuesday. He denied physically hurting the boy.

Documents showed the boy was covered with bruises on his chest and neck. They said it was consistent with abuse. Records showed the boy got the injuries from his father.

The boy showed detectives the chainsaw that he said was used to harass him. Documents showed Pearson admitted to revving up the chainsaw to spook the boy.

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