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BOISE -- After four decades as one of the Treasure Valley's most successful ad-men, Bill Drake, is retiring.

Drake is the founder and co-partner of Boise's Drake Cooper advertising agency.

He founded the company back in 1978. Since then his agency has won countless awards and praise as a leader in the industry.

Drake Cooper has had a long list of clients including Boise State, Albertsons, Sun Valley, and Bogus Basin -- just to name a few.

Drake says he was drawn to advertising because it's always been on the cutting edge of social and cultural change.

It was a contemporary business, and it was a business of words, a business of music, a business of relationships, so it was easy to love it, said Drake.

In more than 40 years of advertising, Drake says he's seen some dramatic changes especially when it comes to social media and consumer savvy.

Consumers years ago were a little naive, and whatever the advertising said they believed. And then as time has gone on, not only are consumers more savvy, they're aware, said Drake. And they now give you permission to market to them. That's a very different environment than the way it used to be, and therefore the way we approach our craft is very different. Now there's a higher entertainment value. There's a more engaging mindset to it that what it used to be.

Drake's partner, Jamie Cooper, is the agency's CEO and will take on a larger role as Drake moves to more of a consulting role.

He says he plans to spend his retirement traveling, playing golf, and gardening.

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