BOISE -- A new business trying to catch your attention definitely got the attention of a state agency. And that's not exactly what Woodland Empire Ale Craft had in mind.

The brewery is located near 11th and Front streets in downtown Boise. If you're heading west on Front Street you'll see their sign before you hit the Connector (I-184). It's right alongside highway directional signs, which is why it was made to look like a highway directional sign.

But, the Idaho Transportation Department wants the sign removed, because they believe it might confuse drivers and create a safety issue.

Woodland's owners called the city of Boise before putting the sign up and they had no regulations against it. But, it's near the Connector, which is a state highway, managed by the Idaho Transportation Department, and they do have regulations against it.

So, Dusty Schmidt, Woodland's owner, says they will take down the sign. We wanted to speak to the 37,000 cars that go by here every day, all the commuters that go by here. And, we wanted to create some brand awareness. We had Oliver Russell help us out with the sign. And, we ended up emulating all the highway signs, but it ended up biting us in the butt.

It's a clever idea, but ultimately, it's against Idaho code. For the safety of the traveling public, we can't mimic traffic signs. We can't try to redirect the flow of traffic, and that's what this is doing, said ITD spokesman Reed Hollinshead.

Schmidt says ITD was very nice about the whole thing, although he is disappointed they have to take the sign down. But he also says, while he wasn't trying to create a controversy, the media attention helps get his business's name out.

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