BOISE -- The governor's signature is all that stands between the guns on campus bill becoming law.

Governor Otter won't comment on his upcoming action but has previously expressed support of the legislation.

If passed, it would allow two groups to carry concealed weapons on college and university campuses -- former law enforcement or enhanced concealed weapons license holders.

The enhanced license just started in Idaho in July of last year and involves a higher level of training.

Firearms instructor Andrew Odom has taught hundreds of Idahoans hands-on, safe shooting. It's part of the requirement for the enhanced concealed weapons license.

This specifically goes over laws pertaining to concealed carry, and on top of that allows you to shoot and demonstrate safe gun handling with the firearm whereas that was not in the previous license, said Odom.

There are several differences between the regular license and the enhanced.

The regular license requires three hours of training, all in a classroom with a firearms instructor.

The enhanced license is eight hours, with half in a classroom with either an attorney or law enforcement officer, the other half hands on shooting at the range.

Also, there's a difference in the age requirement, 21 years old for the enhanced and 18 years old for the regular.

Finally, the enhanced has a more involved background check.

We're seeing people who are experienced with firearms, that shoot competitions. I've had law enforcement, military, I've had all walks of life, from people who have never shot, to people that shoot as good or better than myself, said Odom.

Firearms attorney Ryan Jenks says it's a higher level of training and includes an emphasis on your legal rights as you carry a concealed weapon.

I teach those laws, said Jenks. I teach people how to stay out of trouble, how to avoid conflict when it's not necessary, and as well how to defend themselves in a legal manner.

As for the number of Idahoans who carry -- Idaho State Police tells us currently 100,777 have the regular concealed license.

Of those, 1,128 have the enhanced license.

I believe those who take a good enhanced class are going to learn how to do so safely, when they can and can't use their firearm in personal protection and defense, said Jenks.

Odom says interest in the enhanced license is increasing and right now his classes are full for the next few months.

He says most people want the enhanced license because it allows you to carry in other states as well.

To get an enhanced license, you have to apply through your county -- usually the sheriff's office.

Once the eight hour class and background check are complete, you can get that license in one to two months.

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