CATALDO, Idaho-- North Idaho family watched their workshop get swept away Wednesday in rushing waters. They feared their homes were next.

Bonnie Mack, 72, wanted help from anyone. She called every agency in the book and said they all gave her an excuse.

Mack and her family have lived in their Cataldo home for more than four decades. She said she fears her late husband s shop will be swept away along with the memories it holds as it hung of the river.

If we don't get help pretty soon we'll get our own piece of equipment and do it ourself, said Mack.

The creek had filled up and warmer temperatures brought rushing water, tanking out the creek s bank with the shop in its sight.

Mack and her son said they called emergency management, army corp of engineers, FEMA and the Sheriff s Office. She said the agencies gave her excuses about their budget and jurisdictions.

KREM 2 News also called those agencies Wednesday. None had returned the calls.

Mack said a neighbor s home was swept away by the creek fives years prior. She said she is afraid that history will repeat itself.

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