CANYON COUNTY -- It s been almost 18 months since two Canyon County Sheriff's s deputies were shot and injured in the line of duty.

Deputy Brad Childers remembers the events of October 23, 2012, as clear as the night it happened.

To this day I probably run that scenario in my head at least once a week if not once a day, said Childers.

The shootings happened at approximately 11 p.m. near a home on Sheryl Lane, just off Interstate 84 in Caldwell.

Caldwell Police were looking for 27-year-old Kyle Alan Batt in relation to an aggravated assault case.

The department asked for help from the Canyon County Sheriff's Office, and Childers along with Deputy Mike Roth were headed that way to check and see if Batt was at the residence.

When Childers and Roth arrived at the residence, Batt took off out the back and then a foot pursuit followed, but soon after that, a more violent encounter would follow.

I am trying to juggle a flashlight and a radio to tell other deputies the direction he is running, Childers recalls.

He remembers Batt running to the end of the yard.

Right as we are entering that planter area...shots, said Childers.

Through a Canyon County public records request, KTVB obtained audio and video recorded from a camera attached to Childers uniform that night.

On the video we clearly hear Childers telling Batt to stop right there.

Then the sound of gunshots, the flicker of Childers flashlight, and the sound of Deputy Roth in pain, then calls for help on the radio follow.

It was probably the most helpless I've even felt, said Childers. I could hear the rounds hitting me. I knew Mike had been shot. As we are falling kind of the same direction onto the ground, all I can see is arm and muzzle flash.

Childers and Roth were both struck many times, and while in pain, Childers managed to return fire on Batt striking him in the leg. Still, Batt got away.

Then a different fear struck me. I wasn t afraid of dying at that moment, I was afraid of what was going to happen to our other officers, Childers said.

The SWAT team was able to track and find Batt using a police dog. Deputies say he was found hiding in a garage near Richway Drive just before 3 a.m. the next morning.

When confronted by SWAT members, Batt shot himself, but survived.

But the next couple of days were something that training doesn t really get you ready for, Childers explained. I remember not being able to sleep not feeling hungry.

Childers said that although he still thinks often about that night, those feelings of anxiety have started to fade away with the love and support from his family and community.

That was something I had to make a decision. I think was this the line of work that I wanted to stay in, and there is no doubt in my mind that I wanted to stay doing what I was doing, said Childers.

Childers said he wants to take his experience and speak to recruits and new officers, and share his experience so others can learn from it.

Also, Childers believes those who deserve the most recognition however is SWAT.

Batt was recently sentenced to 30 years in prison.

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