BOISE -- A Boise husband and father who volunteered much of his life to making Bogus Basin better is now being remembered.

As we've reported, Cesar Quijano died in a car crash on Bogus Basin Road Saturday morning.

Now, for the first time, we're hearing more about him from his family.

They tell KTVB Bogus Basin was the place where Quijano learned to ski, and the place his children and grandchildren learned to ski.

His family says he thought of it as a family place that he wanted to improve.

Quijano drove Bogus Basin Road for decades, and it was there, on the way to a place he called home, that he lost his life.

Quijano's daughter Carma Burnett says her 80-year-old father dedicated much of his time to Bogus Basin.

It's certainly not what you would expect, that road and that experience going up to Bogus has always been a really happy one, said Burnett.

His time included 44 years as a volunteer on the ski patrol, and he also helped with races and the ski club.

He was a person I thought who touched a lot of people, and genuinely cared about people, said Burnett.

Others on the ski patrol, like Kevin Hudson, say Quijano's contributions were endless.

Just a true friend and mentor, and teacher and example to a lot of people, huge resource for the patrol and skiing public, said Hudson.

As an architect, Quijano also had a hand in designing many of the buildings at Bogus over the years.

When they were talking about it, he kind of got in on the ground floor, said Burnett. It made him happy to do it.

His family says he was an amazing man who willingly sacrificed much of his life to help make Bogus a better place for families.

He had a very good zest for life and people meant so much to him. He was truly one of a kind and unique and very genuine, said Burnett.

The cause of the crash that killed Quijano is still under investigation.

His family tells KTVB the accident happened in an area that was shaded and could have been icy.

He leaves behind three children and three grandchildren.

Quijano's funeral will be held Thursday at 4 p.m. at St. John's Cathedral.

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