BOISE - A gloomy inversion has been plaguing the valley for several days, and it seems there's only one way to escape:to move up and out of it.

Snow enthusiasts and sun-seekers can make the short drive to Bogus Basin to escape the clouds. Those who make the trip to about 6,000 feet can find blue skies, clear air, and warmer temperatures.

About halfway up the road is typically when you the clouds break, and the thick haze slowly turns into blue sky with every curve of the road.

Seventeen-year-old Drew Johnson is from the Caldwell area. KTVBfound him enjoying the sunny BogusBasin slopes Tuesday.

... It looks like just a big gray sheet pretty much, said Johnson describing the inversion from above.

As the valley remains socked in, many like Johson are finding themselves testing out the air above at Bogus.

Tim Souza from Boise said that's his strategy.

Yeah, this season I have been up quite a few times, Souza said. Mostly to get out of the inversion, all the fog and clouds.

The inversion came in late last week, and meteorologists say it s not unusual for this sort of weather pattern to arrive in January.

According to Idaho s Chief Meteorologist Rick Lantz, the fog and haze could stick around in the west end of the valley through the week, with the possibly of some sun peaking through at times.

So while that thick layer of fog hangs around longer, some people are curing their craving for vitamin D by traveling little higher up in the mountains.

It was really nice up here, said Johnson. It s nice and sunny and you can actually sweat while you are skiing instead of being cold.

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