BOISE -- The wintry weather is on everyone's minds as another round of storms is headed our way.

Wednesday's weather meant tow truck drivers were slammed all day long.

We caught up with Naylor Towing as they responded to call after call.

Scott Rhoden tells us he wasn't expecting the non-stop business as a result of the steady snow Tuesday night.

For me it kind of came as a surprise, I saw some snow flurries last night and this morning, I had no idea we would get 3 or 4 inches of snow, said Rhoden.

Starting early Wednesday morning, the snow fell fast, coating the roads, and causing a headache for drivers.

The delays and dozens of accidents, meant tow trucks were needed to help pull out cars stuck off the roads.

We've been fairly busy, we've been a couple calls backed up, and trying to get somewhere quick is pretty impossible with the road conditions, said Rhoden.

By the lunch hour, most of the main roads and the interstate were just wet, but drivers still faced snow on side roads.

Rhoden says he's seen firsthand how much drivers need to be extra cautious in winter weather.

Mostly it's just fender benders, people rear ending other people, not leaving enough space, not slowing down properly at stop lights and things like that, said Rhoden.

Rhoden says there's an extra danger during these conditions. He says often people don't slow down when tow trucks are parked on the side of road helping out.

He wants drivers to remember to be cautious of those responding to accidents.

Just kind of reiterate how dangerous it is out there and be careful of tow truck operators on the side of the roads, slow down, move over when they see our lights on, pretty much for everyone's safety, said Rhoden.

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