BOISE -- This Christmas Eve, Santa is off on his annual journey around the world, and he managed to loan out three reindeer for local kids to see before taking off.

The reindeer in question are residents at Cloverdale Funeral Home in Boise. The folks at Cloverdale use the animals for holiday events, helping to bring people peace and happiness during what can be a difficult time for families.

However, on Christmas Eve, Cloverdale gets many young visitors who are excited for the chance to see Prancer, Bullwinkle, and Whimsey.

Even though their names may not all match the holiday history books, these delightful deer are ready to meet children.

She's going to help Santa deliver toys to all the children in all the world, said young Elissa Bellorme. Bellorme should know since her dad is Prancer's handler, or an elf, as she sees him.

So she knows a lot about Santa's antlered aids, When they are moving when it's clicking in a blizzard, they won't see each other, but they can the clicking so they know to stay together and will find each other.

She even knew about the reindeer roots right here in the Gem State.

My grandpa he used to work as a logger, he used to see them all the time around the woods, said Bellorme.

It's something special for kids to pet the very reindeer they'll dream about on Christmas Eve.

We just came here to see the reindeer of Santa Claus, said 9-year-old Julia Loudon.

I was surprised at how soft it was, I thought they would have leathery skin, said 11-year-old Jessica Danell.

Kids got to enjoy the one of kind chance to meet part of the team that will deliver their Christmas.

It's the best thing I've ever done, said Jessica.

Cloverdale takes the reindeer and Santa to several events throughout the Treasure Valley during the holiday season.

The reindeer live at Cloverdale throughout the year.

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