FILER, Idaho -- Police arrested a 24-year-old babysitter they say drove with a two-year-old boy after drinking.

The Twin Falls Times-News reports Ashlee D. Haszier of Twin Falls failed a sobriety test following the incident.

Police in Filer say another woman called to complain Haszier arrived at her home Dec. 19 with the boy and acknowledged having consumed alcoholic beverages.

In addition to worrying about drunken driving, the caller feared the boy -- with no pants, shoes or socks -- was ill-prepared for frigid weather.

According to the police, Haszier acknowledged driving but said she'd had just a single drink before climbing behind the wheel.

Haszier was arraigned Monday in 5th District Court in Twin Falls on a misdemeanor charge of injury to a child. The boy was returned to his mother unharmed.

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