SPOKANE, Wash.--Sex crimes detectives are investigating a case involving a young girl and a much older man accused of preying upon her.

The two met at church camp. Spokane police said this case is proof that predators can prey on kids anywhere, church camp included. Detectives plan on charging the man Wednesday with communicating with a minor for immoral purposes.

Court records show the relationship between the two began in July of 2013. The 14-year-old victim met the 24-year-old man at a church youth camp near Republic, Washington.

The suspect was tagging along with a friend of his who was a camp counselor according to investigators.Court documents appeared to show the victim believed the suspect was working for the camp and they struck up a friendship when they met at a camp session.

Records showed the defendant gave her his phone number at the conclusion of the session.Texts between the two grew increasingly sexual according to detectives. Records also showed that the defendent began texting the girl and it sometimes creeped her out because he requested photos of her in her bra.

Authorities said the relationship continued until the man accidentally exchanged some texts with the victim's mother. That is when the case spilled open and messages were turned over to police.

KREM 2 News did reach out to the suspect in the case. He said he though the girl was 17-years-old. The age of consent in Washington is 16 but court records indicate the girl told him she was 14-years-old.

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