NAMPA With Cares Day on Saturday, December 7th, KTVB wanted to highlight the organizations that do so much good to help those in need.

The Salvation Army is one of the organizations on the receiving end of Cares Day. It s an organization that tries to be many things to many people, doing what it can to help those in need.

At The Salvation Army Community Family Shelter in Nampa, Friday morning was a little slower than others.

The ladies take very good care of us here. They sometimes make us hot breakfast, burritos, eggs and ham sometimes, said Marius Laast who came to shower and eat breakfast.

Marius Laast is in between places right now so he goes to the shelter to shower, do his laundry and get a good meal.

I actually have a house, it's 12,900 miles away from here, said Laast.

If you think there is a stereotype or a broad stroke that defines homelessness, Laast might prove you wrong.

He came to the United States from South Africa on scholarship to a college in Missouri. He was married, then later divorced, changing his immigration status from legal to not legal.

I've been busy with my immigration case for six years now and I cannot legally work until they decide on if I can stay here or if I have to go back, said Laast.

Without the ability to work, he relies on shelters like the Salvation Army until he can get back on his feet.

There's nothing to be ashamed of. If you're battling, you're battling. You know, you're going through a hard time, said Laast. You got to get up and fight back.

Stephanie Bloom manages the shelter that works to help families find a stable home. Every year, on average, they help 70 families and 25 single women.

At the Salvation Army we're really blessed to be able to provide services for people in the community. That is our heart and that is our calling, but we couldn't do it without other agencies and volunteers that come in, said Bloom.

They also provide food boxes to families in need, about 40 to 50 a day.

It's up a little bit. There's been a couple days we spiked up to 80, said Major Bill Hathorn.

Beyond food, they help pay people's utility bills and even provides Christmas presents to families in need.

It does give you a real good warm feeling when you can help someone in need. We could all be there and it's nice to know we can all come together and meet those needs as they exist, said Hathorn.

Like many similar organizations, the Salvation Army receives help from local schools, churches and the Boy Scouts.

KTVB will have crews out all Saturday morning at four locations across southern Idaho, accepting food and cash donations.

You can drop off your donations at the KTVB studio in Boise on Fairview Avenue. In Eagle, you can go to the new Fred Meyer on Chinden and Linder. In Nampa, the Idaho Center is the place to go, and in the Magic Valley, you can to the Fred Meyer on Blue Lakes Boulevard in Twin Falls.

We will accept your donations from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m.

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