BOISE -- Boise's District 16 Democratic candidates are already lining up for when Senator Les Bock plans to retire next year, after three terms.

Current Representative Grant Burgoyne announced he will run for Senator Bock's seat.

Jimmy Farris will run for Burgoyne's seat.

Burgoyne says his run to move into the senate is a natural progression and he wouldn't anticipate looking to change

I don't think so. In District 16, we have a very good team, and we've had a history of electing very good, competent legislators who are willing to work across party lines in this district, and I intend to continue that, said Rep. Grant Burgoyne (D-Boise), who is running for his district's senate seat.

You may remember the former NFL player for running against U.S. Representative Raul Labrador unsuccessfully last year.

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