BOISE -- Fishing has a rich history in Idaho and to help it continue to grow, employees from the Nampa Fish Hatchery are spending the month stocking the Boise River with rainbow trout.

The practice happens throughout the year. Anglers told us it helps sustain the sport and introduce new generations to the outdoors.


Boise transplant Buck Baxter spends as much time as he can fishing.

It's gorgeous. The water is crystal clear, said Baxter of the Boise River.

He spends several days a week waist-deep in the water trying to catch a fish. He prefers to fly fish with a nymph lure.

Just passing them down over the bottom trying to find a fish, he said.

His chances of catching a fish in the Boise River improved this week.


Idaho Fish and Game is releasing hundreds of rainbow trout into the water.

Putting fish in the river for the fishermen for their fall season, said Rick Alsager, Nampa Fish Hatchery manager.

Employees stock area bodies of water throughout the year. This month, they're hitting all the ponds in the Boise River. At multiple locations, employees will release hundreds of rainbow trout.

Each is about 11 inches long and spent a year growing in Nampa.


The hatchery-raised fish are ready to bite.

We certainly have some phenomenal fisheries in our area, said Erik Moncada, shop manager at Anglers fly shop in Boise.

Moncada said stocking helps keep the sport alive because it helps anglers of all skill levels experience the thrill of the catch.

Most beginning anglers want to catch a fish, said Moncada. We'll send them to the areas where they have been stocked.

Fish and Game employees told us the Boise River is well maintained and plentiful. The folks at Anglers add that's a good thing, because one successful fishing trip usually leads to another.

It gives a chance for people that wouldn't normally get a chance to go fishing for trout a place to come and catch them, said Baxter.

But even an off day on the beautiful Boise River can still be a success.

I like the challenge, added Baxter.

Fish and Game will stock about 1,200 rainbow trout in the upper Boise River this week.

Next week, they'll move on to the lower Boise River.

All of the fish are raised at the Nampa Fish Hatchery. It's the second-largest hatchery in the state's system.

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