KUNA -- A Kuna High School student is still in the hospital Tuesday night after he was seriously hurt at Friday night's football game.

Boone Bartlome shattered his C-4 vertebrae when he tripped going for a block. As soon as he went down, Kuna High's athletic trainer came to help him.

Kuna High's athletic trainer Kip Dribnak says there are many misconceptions about what he does. He wants people to know that athletic trainer are healthcare providers with qualifications similar to those of a registered nurse or physical therapist.

Dribnak wants to see certified athletic trainers on staff at more Idaho schools.

On a normal day, Dribnak can be found after school in the Kuna High training room. Tuesday, we found him working on a leg injury sufferd by one of the school's football players.

However, last Friday was anything but normal for Dribnak as he tended to Boone Bartlome's shattered vertebrae.

I was able to kneel down and stabilize his head and he was alert and conscious and he was able to talk to me, said Dribnak.

Kuna Football Coach Lee Leslie said Dribnak saved Boone Bartlome's life.

Kip grabbed his neck immediately and never let go of it for the 45 minutes that he was there, said Leslie.

Dribnak said he did what any athletic trainer would have done.

I don't want to bring any recognition to myself, it's more our profession and what we do as athletic trainers.

He also said athletic trainers have a unique relationship with athletes.

Athletic trainers are able to take an injury from the onset of the injury all the way to the return to play for that athlete, said Dribnak. I definitely think in Idaho, we are lacking in athletic trainers.

Dribnak is just glad he was able to be there and help Boone Bartlome that night.

I'm just privileged to be an athletic trainer and privileged to be able to work with the kids and the families and the community. I mean that's really what important, said Dribnak.

That night, Dribnak was instrumental for their team, helping with seven athletes, including Bartlome.

The Idaho High School Activities Association estimates there are about 47 athletic trainers at schools throughout the state, though not all of those are certified athletic trainers.

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