MERIDIAN -- The Meridian School District is experiencing growing pains again.

Now a committee has been formed to see if the district could afford to have another school facility to combat overcrowding in the future.

Meridian taxpayers are still paying on a two-year school levy they passed in March 2012.

Voters agreed to pump $28 million into their schools when the economy squeezed Meridian's budgets.

But as the economy slowly shows signs of coming back those with the Meridian School District feel they need to get ahead of an overcrowding problem.

Each year, enrollment in Meridian increases.

Parents are being asked to fill out an online survey to see where the biggest and most urgent needs are in the district.

District spokesman Eric Exline says they are down a middle school. He says with each new school year, student numbers increase.

For example, this year's senior class is about 2,500, while the freshman class is around 3,000 students.

And class sizes keep growing.

Exline says the survey will serve members of a new committee with information about parents priorities.

If the committee feels they have the support, they will go to the school board in December and ask to run a bond for a new building.

He says so far surveys show a need at the middle school level because of the economy bounce back.

We used to grow on average by a thousand kids per year, the last couple of years it s only, and I say that because I don t think other districts would see it that way - 500 to 600 new kids. This year we grew by just over 600, said Exline. I think it s starting to tick back toward a thousand.

In the survey, Exline says there is information about levy rates as well as hard numbers about the district's current enrollment and capacity.

A school bond is not a for sure thing, this is strictly a chance for the district to gather information.

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