KUNA -- A Kuna High school football player is battling serious injuries in the hospital.

Boone Bartlome was hurt during Friday night's game against Bishop Kelly and experienced some paralysis.

Today, his fellow students, players, and the community came together to rally support for Boone and pray for his recovery.

The rally was used as an organizational meeting to relay information about his condition.

His coach Lee Leslie says Boone was playing wide receiver and tripped as he went to block. He managed to keep running, collided with another player and broke his neck.

I knew walking out there that he was in a lot of trouble by the way he was positioned and the fact that he wasn't really moving, said Leslie.

As Boone was carried off the field he was able to talk but the concern grew quickly.

I came up on him and asked if he was OK and he said, 'No I don't think I am coach,' thank goodness we had all the doctors and trainers there, I believe our trainer saved his life because he was there holding his neck, said Leslie.

It was emotional for not just Leslie but everyone at the game as both teams knelt in prayer after the play. The image says everything -- two teams -- one family of players -- praying for one of their own.

Bartlome had surgery hours later when doctors at Saint Alphonsus put in a titanium plate where his spinal cord had shattered. Monday, his friends classmates and fellow players gathered to learn more about his condition and support each other, vowing to paint his truck in his honor, and pray for the person who so many love -- to heal.

I'm a football coach one of the most loving kids I've ever known, makes everyone laugh, and he's the first across the finish line, said Leslie.

Leslie says the swelling should go down in two to three weeks and then they will know more about his recovery.

Kuna High School posted this statement about the incident:

Friday night, November 8, 2013 during the Bishop Kelly football game, Boone Bartlome was seriously injured. He has a broken neck at the C-4 vertebrae. Boone has a long road to recovery. He will need a lot of positive thoughts, and his friends will all need our support. Boone s family welcomes any of you who know him and have worked with him to visit him at the hospital.

Leslie said that people should know Bartlome is an amazing student and the community support is appreciated.

Kuna High Athletic Director Ron Emry told KTVB that Bartlome has many months of recovery ahead. The school is planning ways for the community to support him, including selling T-shirts with Bartlome's number.

Emry said the Bishop Kelly football players visited Bartlome in the hospital, and the school is planning a special mass in his honor.

If you would like to help Boone's family, click here.

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