BOISE -- An Idaho lawmaker's concealed weapons permit has been revoked because of an old assault case.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says Representative Mark Patterson, a Boise Republican, pleaded guilty to assault with the intent to commit rape nearly 40 years ago and that his weapons permit is now revoked.

Patterson sent KTVB a statement responding to Sheriff Gary Raney's revocation and publicity about the notice that began Sunday.

In part, he says the case dates back to the 70s when he accepted a plea agreement: I became embroiled in a bizarre encounter with a woman while visiting Florida right after graduation. Suddenly I found myself arrested, alone and in jail without possibility of bond, falsely charged with the horrible crime of rape.

Patterson says the case was later looked into by a private investigator, who Patterson says gathered evidence that the victim fabricated the incident because she was angry that I would not give her money.

Patterson sponsored state legislation earlier this year to make it a misdemeanor for Idaho government employees to help enforce new firearm restrictions or registration requirements. He said he wanted to ensure Idahoans' inalienable God-given right to defend themselves is forever protected. He said it was to head of federal attempts to outlaw semi-automatic weapons.

In his statement, Patterson said his bill was hung up in the senate largely due to the opposition of Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney.

To read Patterson's complete statement, click here.

Sheriff Raney isn't commenting on this and instead, he's pointing to documents and records.

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