COEUR D ALENE, Idaho -- Charges indicate that the man accused of driving his truck into a Coeur d Alene home was drunk. Police announced Friday that Thomas Heinbaugh, 27, will be charged with aggravated DUI and felony leaving the scene of an injury accident.

Officers said Heinbaugh crashed his 1999 Ford F250 into a home along 5th and E. Hattie on Thursday night and injured three people.

The crash left Jeffrey Groat, 35 , and Sherri Bloom, 30, with serious injuries. A 10-year-old girl was also injured during the crash. All three of the victims were inside the house when Heinbaugh s vehicle slammed through the wall according to law enforcement.

Family friends said the adults and child will eventually be okay.

Bloom was found trapped under part of a couch and a door. Authorities found Groat trapped underneath the back of the truck.

Police arrived on scene, saw the truck had crashed through the front of the house, and came to rest completely inside of the home. The front of the truck knocked the back wall out of the house according to officers. They said parts of the wall were suspended in air due to electrical wiring.

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