PORTLAND A pair of popular local clowns were reunited with their stolen tall bike Thursday after a man was arrested Wednesday evening for stealing the bike.

Portland police spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said 26-year-old Thomas Cansler was picked up at a bus shelter near Southeast 122nd Avenue and Southeast Division Street after a passerby spotted him and called 911.

He was charged with theft, possession of meth and a probation violation.

After the story aired on KGW Wednesday evening, a woman called the couple to say that her son had found the bike a week earlier and didn't know whose it was.

The tall yellow bike was stolen from Olive Rootbeer and Dingo Dizmal on Oct. 24.

The break in the case came after a TriMet bus operator said she saw the suspect pictured on television with the stolen bike. She recognized him as a regular rider on the number 4 and 72 bus lines in Southeast Portland.

She said he is not one of her favorite riders.

He goes back in the bus and he hustles people for money, and I ve been told he s tried to sell drugs he s just bad news, said Dora Morgan before starting her TriMet shift Wednesday.

This (tall bike) is one of the tools of their trade and they entertain children. And I think it s a pretty low thing to do to steal somebody s work tools, Morgan added.

The suspect later boarded boarded Morgan's bus and she called TriMet dispatch, but the man got off the bus before officers could get to it. She followed up by filing a report.

Cansler was spotted at a bus stop and arrested at about 8 p.m. Wednesday.

Olive said she is thankful Morgan saw him and called it in.

It s not fair that he took my bike and there was no consequence for it. He needs to face the consequences for being, like, mean to a clown, said Rootbeer.

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