MERIDIAN -- The man police say went on a drug-fueled rampage in Meridian is now facing some new charges.

Officers say 23-year-old Sean Carnell was high on drugs August 21st during a crime spree in a Meridian neighborhood. They say it started in Tully Park, when Carnell attacked a 15-year-old boy and a cyclist, then yelled at a 10-year-old and kicked his dog. Officers say Carnell then went to an apartment complex where he attacked a construction worker with a shovel, started a fire, broke into an apartment and strangled a woman, pushed over a man in a wheelchair, then broke windows in a house and threw rocks at police.

When he was arrested, he faced eight charges. But now that all the investigations are complete, he faces 12, including 8 felonies. One of the new charges is arson. Prosecutors now say they can tie a fire at that apartment to Carnell.

The most seriously injured victim was the cyclist in the park, who happens to be Nampa Fire Captain Chris Cade. Cade suffered severe facial injuries, a broken rib, collar bone, and shoulder. He was released from the hospital weeks ago, but is still healing, while his fellow firefighters cover his shifts.

We talked to Cade's fellow firefighter Doug Strosnider. When he was able to start eating solid foods again, get rid of that liquid diet, start working on getting back in shape, and starting to have some real food, has made a difference. Obviously, we continue to hope and pray that we get him back as soon as we can.

Cade lost 25 pounds while he was on a liquid diet, but is on solid foods now. Strosnider says, Cade's in relatively good spirits. The biggest thing that helps him right now is that he was able to get the cast out of his mouth that was necessary after the initial damage that was done to him. He had that in for quite a bit of time. That obviously affected his ability to communicate and enunciate. So, he's got that out now, and now the next process is working with a dentist, trying to get some teeth back in.

Meanwhile, the construction worker who prosecutors say was attacked by Carnell, is also on the mend. Mike Rice has been able to get back to work, though, he's had to hire someone to help him out.

Carnell will be back in court on November 5th to officially face those new charges.

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