BOISE -- Dispatchers from across the state are getting more training on how to deal with active shooter situations. This is part of a larger training for emergency dispatchers, held in Boise.

This was the second training seminar for Idaho emergency dispatchers. It is something organizers say will help them be prepared for all kinds of situations, so they can then help those on scene.

Situations with an active shooter have become more prevalent in America. This week there was a shooting at school in Nevada.

Sergeant Gordon Dye with the Idaho State Police say they have done a good job making sure officers are prepared, but have not focused on active shooter training for dispatchers.

They're a very key element of a successful end to a active shooter situation, said Dye.

He described dispatchers as law enforcement's link to the scene.

They're the ones receiving all the calls, they're the ones that are there to gather the information, Dye said. There are people that are calling in, they need to be pulling the information and giving us the location and what's going on so that we can not only stop the threat, but also so that we can do the rescues in a timely manner.

Kevin Haight helped organize the training with Public Safety Answer Point, a subcommittee of the Idaho Emergency Communications Commission. He calls dispatchers unsung heroes.

They're the ones that have that first contact with that person in distress, they're the ones that are able to try to keep calm in the midst of that and gather really critical information that needs to be relayed to the officers, said Haight.

He said this will help dispatchers all over the state handle tough situations effectively.

More than 130 dispatchers at the two-day training event also heard from a county prosecutor on asking the right questions for prosecution, which could be months down the road in many cases.

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