BOISE -- A motivational speaker known around the world is back in the Treasure Valley this week.

Milton Creagh came to Idaho nearly 20 years ago, and spread a powerful message against drug and alcohol abuse.

Creagh usually speaks to 200,000 students each year. In his career he's talked at more than 7,000 schools. Over time his message has changed, but its impact has not.

He's back in the Treasure Valley helping each teen he meets make better decisions, pushing them to work harder.

Y'all, this isn't a game. It's real life. I need you to make good decisions about keeping these drugs out of your life, Creagh told students.

Creagh's message meant a lot to 8th-grader Ramon Martinez, When he was talking about alcohol abuse that really touched me, and how we can achieve and maintain grades and do well in football.

Creagh's speech has shifted over the years. Now he talks about cyber bullying and sexual assault as well.

I just tried to make it very relevant very real because the more people see it the more they will take the message seriously, said Creagh.

And Creagh himself has changed as well. Last winter he spent two months in the hospital after a stroke. He no longer stands quite as tall and his voice is a bit softer, but what he teaches still makes a difference each day.

Hundreds of letters from kids to say, Mr. Creagh before you came to speak I tried to kill myself three times. Once I heard you speak, I realize I want to keep going. You saved my life. said Creagh

Creagh will be bringing his message to several Boise schools Tuesday as well.

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