MERIDIAN -- Two popular corn mazes will open in the Treasure Valley in the next week. Farmers have been preparing for months to shape the stalks into intricate designs.

At Linder Farms in Meridian, a corn maze cutter from eastern Idaho was hard at work over the weekend cutting trails into a 15 acre corn field.

This has got some really good corn out there so that's going to be a challenge to get it ground all up, said Shawn Stolworthy, the cutter who makes the multi-acre masterpiece come to life. We find out what the field dimensions are to begin with and then we design the maze to whatever size field that we're working with.

This year, the design at Linder Farms includes a Bronco logo and a tribute to Idaho's 150th anniversary as a territory.

We're making it a theme of milestones, said Linder Farms Owner Randy Feist.

This is the 10th year a corn maze has been cut into the farm's large cornfield.

We load it into the GPS on the tractor and we head through the field, said Stolworthy.

The trails will equal nearly seven miles of trails between the three different mazes that we'll have in the corn, added Feist.

They do things a bit differently at The Farmstead, also located in Meridian. Farmer Jim Lowe marks out each trail in the corn by hand. His work starts early in the growing season.

We generally lay out the pathways when the corn is partly grown and then of course it takes several times through the field in order to groom the pathways, said Lowe.

He told us he prefers to design and cut his mazes without the use of a GPS.

We use paint to mark it out, he said.

To get a better view of this year's cowboy inspired theme, we hopped in a helicopter to see the design from the sky.

About four miles of trail in there, said Owner Jim Lowe.

The Farmstead maze covers 18 acres with two different halves to conquer. It opens Friday, September 20.

The corn maze at Linder Farms will open Friday, September 27th.

Both farms plan to keep their corn mazes open through the first weekend in November, weather permitting.

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