IDAHO -- Several new rules are being put forward by the Idaho Department of Education, including requiring elementary students to learn how to write in cursive.

The state is getting feedback on a few changes to classes like math, science, and P.E.

The department is taking public comments on their website to make a fair judgment. Linden Bateman, a representative in Idaho Falls, supports the idea, and has said that writing in cursive promotes manual dexterity, enhances cognitive development, and boosts reading comprehension. Other leaders think it is a waste of money.

Several other rules proposed include mandatory physical education time. Students could even be playing sports for school credit by 2018. And at the elementary school level, students would spend an hour in P.E.

There's a lot of children, as well as adults, who don't get out and and moving as often as we should, said Nancy Mueller, a P.E. and music teacher. With so much standardized testing, there is so much stress and pressure on kids. They really need it so much more.

Other new rule changes would affect which students can take the ISATand math and science course offerings.

The Idaho State Department of Education is taking public comment through October..

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