BOISE -- A special prosecutor won't file any criminal charges against three Ada County deputies and a Boise police officer who shot and wounded a 42-year-old Kuna man on March 9th.

Twin Falls County prosecutor Grant Loebs announced his finding on Wednesday. Loebs had been appointed as an outside investigator to analyze the officer-involved shooting.

Police say the incident in question happened after suspect Peter C. See pointed a .44 magnum revolver at the group of officers near Swan Falls Dam after a high-speed chase.

The officers then shot See a total of 8 times. He survived.


Loebs says a friend of See's called police on March 9th after the Kuna resident threatened to kill himself, and harm family members with a handgun.

According to reports, police were then able to identify and stop See while he was driving his pickup truck on South Cloverdale Road shortly before 3 a.m.

Officers say it was obvious that See was intent on killing himself because he told them to prepare for a blood bath.

See then fled the scene, leading the group of officers on a high-speed chase to a location near Swan Falls Dam. Loebs says that's where his vehicle became disabled, and where See exited the truck and pointed a .44 magnum at the group of officers.

Police say he was shot a total of eight times, and is currently still under medical and mental care at facilities in both Idaho and Utah.

The 42-year-old hasn't yet been arrested, but does have a warrant issued for felony aggravated assault connected to the incident.

Mr. See was shot and wounded after threatening civilians and officers with a handgun, leading police in a high-speed chase, and, ultimately, drawing his gun on numerous law enforcement officers, Loebs said. The officers acted within the bounds of the law and in self-defense and in defense of the community.


Ada County Sheriff Gary Raney says the prosecutor's findings mean the officers' use of deadly force in the shooting was completely justified.

No officer ever wants to be in a situation where they must use lethal force, yet there are times when that is necessary to keep people in our community and themselves safe, Raney said in a prepared release.

Raney also noted that See, his family, and the officers who responded that night will forever be affected by the shooting.

Boise Police Chief William Bones echoed that sentiment.

This situation was dangerous for all involved, officers, the suspect, his family and the public, Bones said in a release. Officers from different agencies, working together, were able to stop the suspect before he could make good on his threat to hurt others.

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