JEROME -- The City of Jerome announced Tuesday that Jack Krill has resigned his position as Jerome Fire Chief.

The department and Krill, as well as city officials were called into question earlier this year after they billed an apartment complex owner nearly $100,000 for firefighting costs when the building burned down. The city later retracted the bill, saying it was sent in error.

According to the city, Krill was recruited in 2011 to be the deputy fire chief and was later promoted when the previous chief resigned in 2012.

As for Krill's resignation, the city explains: Unfortunately, for personal and professional reasons, Krill has decided to pursue other opportunities and, after extensive thought and reflection, has resigned. Although Krill was hoping to continue to serve Jerome as an on-call Deputy Fire Chief, the City is not currently able to offer such a position.

The city pointed to Krill's accomplishments while serving the city, including commanding the city's largest fire in Jerome history without firefighter injury, designing and managing construction of a fire training facility, deploying the department on wildland firefighters again, and saving the city's fire insurance rating.

In the news release, Krill said, It was an honor to serve the City of Jerome; I will greatly miss working alongside the excellent people in the fire department and the community.

Krill did not immediately return KTVB's calls for comment on Tuesday night.

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