MERIDIAN -- One of the victims in an alleged violent rampage through downtown Meridian on Wednesday is Nampa Fire Department Captain Chris Cade, according to the department's deputy chief.

Deputy Chief Doug Strosnider says Cade was attacked while riding his bicycle on a trail in Meridian. Twenty-three-year-old Sean Carnell was arrested and charged with six felonies and two misdemeanors for random attacks around the city.

Son-in-Law: Capt. Cade 'the strongest man I know'

Cade's son-in-law spoke with KTVB outside Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center in Boise. He says Cade is a very athletic person and was clearly caught off guard when he was attacked and beat, possibly with a skateboard Carnell is accused of stealing from a teenager.

He was taking his usual path he would take from his house out towards like Emmett, going through Tully Park, and there's a nice little path through there he likes to ride, Cade's son-in-law Danyon Fontenot said.

Nampa Fire says he's been working there for more than 15 years and is a peer fitness trainer with the department.

Nobody would have ever thought he would be in this situation. The strongest man I know, the nicest guy I know. He's an amazing person, Fontenot said. He's just so strong that when he does get hurt, you don't notice it. Two days later he's back up doing whatever he's doing.

Firefighter doesn't currently remember the attack

Fontenot says a woman walking on the trail found Cade injured about a mile from his home and called 911 using his cell phone.

The fire department, Meridian Fire Department, showed up, first to the scene, and they then took care of him, got him in the ambulance and sent him here to Saint Al's, Fontenot said.

Initially, Fontenot explains first responders believed they were simply going to a bike accident, and it wasn't until Nampa and Meridian officials began brainstorming and figured there may be a link to other attacks on Wednesday.

With the help of a bunch of people coming together, the story just didn't make sense of him falling off his bike at 10 to 15 miles an hour and causing that kind of injury, Fontenot said.

Capt. Cade has significant injuries and may require future surgeries

Fontenot says at this point it's unclear how badly Cade is injured, and he says doctors are waiting for some of the swelling to go down to do more assessments.

He has some pretty serious facial injuries. That's pretty much where most of the injuries occurred was all to the face. A lot of bone fractures and breaks. He's got some pretty serious injuries on his abdomen area and ribs and left shoulder is pretty banged up, Fontenot said.

Fontenot says Cade's wife, two sons and daughter (Fontenot's wife) are all optimistic about Cade recovering fully and moving ahead.

Seeing him the way he is, you can tell he doesn't like to be hurt, and he's trying to do everything himself even right now where he shouldn't be. But that's just who he is, and he's going to heal fast, Fontenot said.

Family, department hope to have Cade back soon

While he recovers, Fontenot says Cade's fellow firefighters have been coming by to visit and help his family.

They're definitely doing everything they can to help us out, which is great. Because you don't realize how much you need help until you get into a situation like this. So it's nice having them around, Fontenot said.

Deputy Chief Strosnider sent this in a statement about Cade and his service with the department:

Captain Cade has worked for Nampa Fire for just under 16 years and is one of several peer fitness trainers for our fire department, Peer Fitness Trainers assist their fellow firefighters to ensure they are physically prepared to perform all functions of their jobs. He is also one of our rope rescue technicians, he has used his skills many times including May 27th 2012 when he and a rescue team from Nampa Fire Department responded to the area of War Eagle Mountain in the Owyhee's after an aircraft went down. The story unfolded and ironically the pilot was a Captain with a Fire Department in California, he was traveling with his wife and daughter when they crashed. By the grace of God they all survived and a book has been published recounting their survival story.

Police ask for help connecting Cade's attack to the alleged crime spree

Police are still looking for more clues connecting Cade's injuries to Carnell's alleged crimes and ask anyone with information to call 208-888-6678.

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