PORTLAND -- An Oregon State Police detective was suspended after he was charged with patronizing a prostitute while he was on duty, officials said.

On August 6, a 911 caller reported a man and woman having sex in some bushes off of Southeast Johnson Creek Boulevard near Southeast 77th Court, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office.

The caller told KGWshe runs a day care nearby and she and her children saw what happened.

My 16-year-old is standing next to me and we re just watching them, seeing what they re doing over by the treehouse, she said. And my son s like, He just took his pants off, and I m like, No.

Deputies at the scene discovered the man involved was 50-year-old detective Richard Narvaez, a 23-year OSPveteran, said OSP Lt. Gregg Hastings.

Narvaez was on duty at the time but was not in uniform, Hastings said.

Narvaez was cited by the Clackamas County Sheriff's Office for patronizing a prostitute and public indecency. He was put on suspended leave without pay during the investigation.

This is troubling news when we learn that one of our employees is alleged to commit any crime, OSP Superintendent Richard Evans said Wednesday. This obviously is a rare incident and should in no way reflect on our other employees who do things right and don't step outside of our laws and rules of ethics.

The woman he was with, 32-year-old Tiffany Smith, was arrested on the same charges, plus an outstanding prostitution warrant.


Note: Because Narvaez was only charged with misdemeanors, and because ORS 181.854 prohibits the disclosure of a photograph of a public safety employee by the employer without the employee's written consent, a mug shot was not available.

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