BOISE-- A historic merger between Boise's Micron, Inc. and Japanese memory chip maker Elpida is expected to be announced Wednesday.

The deal will make Micron the second largest dynamic random access memory manufacturer in the world.

Dynamic random-access memory, or D-RAM, is the type of solid-state memory needed for use in computers, phones, tablets, and most other computerized devices.

The company announced its plan to acquire Tokyo-based Elpida last June, but now has a definitive date. Officials have been courting Elpida since 2009.

Interestingly, the news was briefly announced on the Micron website Monday, but quickly pulled. Boise financial planner Dave Petso says the announcement should be exciting for the local economy.

...this is really great news for the valley...for Micron ...assuming the world continues to need microchips for devices...Micron is now becoming a major contender, Petso told KTVB.

Chip analysts say this move will give micron about 25-percent of the total D-RAM market and make it better able to control price and costs.

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