GOODING COUNTY -- The Gooding County Sheriff's Office is working to crack a suspicious case involving the stabbing of a Blackfoot man whose throat was also slashed in the attack.

Deputies with the Gooding County Sheriff s Office responded to call for help on Saturday from Gooding resident and off-duty nurse, Joe Talbot.

Talbot found 31-year-old Jason Given bloody and barefoot on the side of Clear Creek Grade Road, just outside of Wendell.

I figured he'd been hit by a car or something, so I stopped, Talbot said. He told me 'I just got stabbed' and someone tried to cut his throat.

Given suffered extreme injuries including a fractured skull, a stab wound to the head and his throat was slashed ear to ear.

Talbot, being a licensed practical nurse, knew what to do.

I just took off my shirt and put it against the neck wound, Talbot said. Got him, and sat him down in front of my car, was calling the paramedics with the other hand, and tried to talk to him and keep him awake. said Talbot.

Gooding County Chief Deputy Jerry Pierce told KTVB that Given was reportedly jumped by two men in the woods below the road. Given reportedly told deputies that he crawled up the rocks to the road to get help.

At this point, Pierce said they don t have much to go on.

We believe our victim is not giving us a full story, said Pierce. It is frustrating because, you know there has been a crime committed, and you just have to have something to go on.

Given did tell deputies that the two suspects, who are described as white males, were seen driving a white car near the scene. If caught, suspects could be charged with battery. However, if Given's claims don't check out, he could be charged with giving false information to police officers.

Deputies are still investigating the case and following up on leads. If you know anything about this crime please contact the Gooding County Sheriff's Office at 208-934-4421.

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