STAR -- Nine months after receiving a kidney transplant, Todd Theobald is living life to the fullest and doing everything he can to pay it forward. And he has his mom to thank for giving him life not once, but twice.

Todd was just 30 years old when he was told a kidney transplant was in his future. You go through all these different emotions -- sadness, depression and anxiety -- but it wasn't until I got to acceptance that I realized I can conquer this.

When it was time, the donor that came to the rescue was his mom, Barbara.

She looked at me like a mom only can and said I'm the donor I'm going to donate my kidney and there's no doubt in my mind, said Todd.

The transplant was scheduled at a Utah hospital for October 2012.

The doctors say they pulled out her kidney and it was amazing, just full of life and full of energy, said Todd. I mean it's the greatest gift someone can give you.

Now, he's living his new life to the fullest. Enjoying golf again, enjoying riding my bike and walking.

He and his mom even took part in the Fit for Life 5k in Boise this weekend.

Todd is now working to start a non-profit foundation that will help people who are on the national transplant list. He wants more people to consider being an organ donor.

I'm just very passionate about organ donation and organ donation awareness and the opportunity to save someone's life, he said. Just paying forward is my biggest goal in life.

For more information on becoming an organ donor, click here.

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