BOISE -- With temperatures pushing, or exceeding 100 degrees in the Treasure Valley these past few weeks, imagine working in a warehouse with no air conditioning -- where the temperature is just as hot inside as it is outside.

That's the reality for the workers at the Boise Rescue Mission.

They don't let the heat slow them down though. That could be because they love what they do for a living, and it shows.

The 17,000-foot Boise Rescue Mission warehouse is the hub of the group's operation. It's where they accept food and other donations. And when it gets hot, workers find ways to cool down.

We've got fans going, drinking lots of water, just trudging along, said warehouse employee Jon Blank.

Crystal Fraser is a graduate of mission's City Light program for women - she's been working here for 6 months. Even with the heat, she's happy to be here - giving back. I don't get up in the morning and not want to come to work, she said. It's awesome.

Angel Nilsson drives a truck for the mission warehouse. Like the warehouse, there's no air conditioning in the truck. But she takes it all in stride.

It's wonderful I love going and picking up donations from all places, I love helping people in need, said Nilsson. I know how it was, I was homeless before, I know how it is.

Nilsson says the City Light Rehabilitation program brought her back, that's why she now works for the mission.

The workers here are facing more than just the heat. Right now, the mission warehouse is in desperate need. Food donations are down, way down. Critical donations that provide 950 meals a day at the Boise Rescue Mission's facilities. The shelves are almost empty.

Executive Director Bill Roscoe says the mission is now buying food with reserve cash. He says any donations will help.

I challenge everyone to bring canned fruits and veggies, bring as much as you can carry, said Roscoe We will put that food to good use.

The staff and volunteers at the Boise Rescue mission warehouse love what they do -- they take care of people in need. Right now, they need our help to do it.

You can drop off a food donation at the Boise Rescue Mission Ministries Warehouse on Fairview Avenue and 24th Street in Boise.

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