EMMETT -- About 15,000 people came to Emmett on Saturday for the 79th annual Emmett Cherry Festival.

That's why we're here. We're going to have all kinds of cherries, said one man. But the cherries weren't the only attraction.

The rest of the kids are out riding the rides right now. Just enjoy the afternoon, watch the parade, and call it good, said another man.

This year, some people had heard about the cherry challenges in Emmett.

I hear there aren't that many this year, said Stephanie Ross.

However, the Gem County Chamber of Commerce made sure there were plenty of cherries for all those who want some.

They come to our booth, we have to have cherries for them, said Dian Streeby, Executive Director of the Gem County Chamber of Commerce.

The Gem County Chamber of Commerce puts on the event, and theirs is the only booth that sells cherries. She said having to bring in cherries is not rare.

Last year, was the first time in eight years that we had a full local crop for harvest fest because of the weather pattern, said Streeby.

Streeby said they usually have to bring in some cherries because the festival happens a little early into the growing season. She also said they thought about moving the dates of the festival, but it just never worked out.

Then, we would be working into other annual events. So we just do the best we can, and we promote our local economy by getting them through Albertsons, she said.

Festival-goers we talked with didn't seem to care too much where the cherries came from.

No, it doesn't bother me. We'd come either way, said Ross.

The chamber estimated about 40,000 people came over the four days of the festival.

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