BOISE -- Graffiti is often associated with the illegal spraypainting of buildings or other structures. But for one local artist, graffiti is a way to lend his talents to a charitable cause.

The charity, called OATHS (Organization Assisting The Homeless Student), recently bought a used school bus for the Boise Rescue Mission's City Light Shelter. But OATHS wasn't content with the plain yellow color.

That's where local artist Collin Pfeifer came in. Pfeifer agreed to paint the bus, showing all the adventures the shelter kids will have, as it takes them to the musuem, library, or zoo.

Pfeifer says it's important for him to use graffiti in a positive way.

It feels good to work with the community, said Pfeifer. If you can show the people in your city that you're doing something positive with a spray can, other than all the negative stereotypes that it gets, that says something.

For more information on OATHS, click here.

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