BOISE -- Tens of thousands across the nation came out on Saturday to march against the creation of genetically modified foods. And hundreds did in Boise as well, on Saturday at the Idaho Statehouse.

They call it the March Against Monsanto. Monsanto is a company that produces GMO's and pesticides that many believe hurt the world's natural species.

Those who marched on Saturday say they are promoting good for the body, healthy food and healthy decisions.

It's all political and it's all financial. And the more money they can get, the happier they are. The less money they can spend to create something that looks like a vegetable, that tastes like a vegetable, but doesn't cost them anything, said marcher Nick Feley.

Another participant, James Wesley Reed said, It's gotta stop, it has to stop. This is our first step.

Those who organized the march around the world did so in part by social media.

It's those organizers who say, they feel Monsanto threatens their generation's health, fertility and longevity.

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