NAMPA -- Connie Winterfeld sat at a table at a Nampa job fair on Saturday, filling out a job application. The 64-year-old hasn't done it in quite a few years.

I've never filled out paperwork like this, said Winterfeld.

That's because she has a job with the Nampa School District, as a custodian.

There's a lot of hard work, but it's fun, said Winterfeld.

But the district continues to battle a multi-million dollar budget deficit.

So last month, commissioners decided to contract-out custodial services. That means, at the end of the year, all of Nampa's 80-some custodians will be laid-off.

At first, it kind of made you mad, said Winterfeld. Thinking, 'Here are people who put their heart and soul into their job, and then, all of a sudden they have no job.'

But spokespeople say all custodians will be re-hired by Nampa's new custodial services company, G.C.A., which is why they held this job fair at Nampa High.

It's good that they're giving the regular custodians a chance to get back on, so they're not just without a job, said Winterfeld.

G.C.A. says the custodians will have the same wages, hours, and schools if they want. But still say they'll save the district about $300,000 a year. That's because of the change in benefits.

For the full-time people, which would include my wife, there are significant losses to them, said Greg Stevens.

Stevens and his wife are both custodians for Nampa schools. With the schools, they have PERSI, Idaho's government employee retirement program. With this new company, they'll just have a 401-K, which they'll be eligible for in a year. But, their retirement is right around the corner, and Stevens says it will mean $2,000 less for them, per year.

We're losing quite a bit of money going into a retirement account that we're going to be depending on in the not too distant future, said Stevens.

But overall, many of the people KTVB talked to said things could be much worse. They will still have jobs, and the wages should be about the same. G.C.A. says they'll even be adding some positions.

Still, some custodians that were close to retirement have opted to just retire, instead of going through the process.

If you missed this job fair, there will be another one in exactly two weeks on May 18th. While returning custodians will be re-hired, the public is also encouraged to apply.

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