MIDDLETON -- A Treasure Valley school won a great reward Friday for creating a culture to go on after high school.

The J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation Go On Campaign says what students and teachers were able to accomplish at Middleton High School is something the entire state should be emulating.

At the Middleton High School auditorium, students were called to an assembly Friday morning, but they don't know why.

This is great, said Principal Mike Williams. You feel the energy in this audience today. They have no idea what's about to happen. None, I love it.

Go On t-shirts were all over the place giving students some idea of what was going to happen.

We've been spreading rumors for fun, but actually, I have no idea what we're doing, said senior Victor Dias.

The first part of the assembly highlighted the great work the school has done in its partnership with the Go On Campaign.

We want our kids not only to come to school, but be prepared to go on to post secondary opportunities, and this is one of our focuses. This is our theme, said Williams. Let's go on, let's do more than just go to high school.

Ninety percent of the school took the pledge to Go On. That's a record. As the saying goes, work hard, play hard. Lucky tha DJ from 103.3 KISS FM gave them that playing opportunity with the first 200 tickets to the Boise Music Festival

That wasn't their only surprise.

Make some noise, you guys are the winners of the Go On Prom, announced Lucky tha DJ.

That prom will take them Big Al's in Meridian. It's an all expenses paid night of games, bowling, dancing and food paid for by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Foundation.

It's sweet. It's so cool to be awarded for something that we've been working towards this whole year, said senior Skyler Ellsworth.

I'm so pumped. It's going to be awesome, said senior Sierra Turner.

They're completely deserving of this award. They've worked hard all along, and honestly they are the models, said Alex Davis with the Go On Campaign. If every high school in the state of Idaho could emulate Middleton, we'd be in a great spot right now as a state.

Idaho currently ranks 47 in the nation for the proportion of students going on to college, vocational training or the military after high school.

The Go On Campaign says Middleton won because they had and executed a great plan that started with school leadership.

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