MOUNTAIN HOME -- About 300 men and women from Mountain Home Air Force Base are headed overseas.

Tuesday morning, commanders at Mountain Home lined the walkway as members of the 389th Fighter Squadron boarded a plane.

The squadron is deploying to Southwest Asia for about five months.

This deployment was actually delayed about a month because of federal funding cuts.

For some of the airmen who left today this will be their first overseas mission.

But an officer beginning his eighth deployment says being away from home is never easy.

Things change back home with current events, and the kids, obviously get bigger, go to school, said Lt. Col Trini Meza, weapons systems officer.

There's always something new, whether you've been there or not. but the experiences are new. and honestly, the quicker you get there, the quicker it can be over, said Tech Sgt. Lawrence Pearsall, armament load crew chief.

Pearsall also tells us that being able to keep in touch with family via Skype really helps.

The 389th's duties will include a mix of combat and air training missions.

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