BOISE -- Boise State Head Football Coach Chris Petersen is 84-8 in his career. But, there is something he always loses, the annual Beat Coach Pete run.

There was plenty of blue and orange gear, crazy costumes, and even Star Wars regalia for Saturday morning's annual run with BSU's Head Football Coach Chris Petersen.

[We're] just having fun, enjoying the Boise State spirit, said Bryant Ward, who beat Pete last year and was running with his family this year.

They were three of 2,260 competitors who looked like they were gathered for a party on the campus of Boise State. But they were united by a single goal. To beat Coach Pete, said Aundrea Peaslee, who ran with her son.

Beat Coach Pete you must, said Amber Telleria, dressed as Yoda.

Eric Fitzpatrick crossed the finish line at 14:22, and was the first runner to Beat Coach Pete. But, he kept it in perspective.

It's about fun for him, too. He has the whole football season to stay competitive. He needs to take a little time off, said Fitzpatrick.

But Eric wasn't the only one to leave it all on the course and finish ahead of the 3-time National Coach of the Year. Dominic Costa also Beat Coach Pete, dressed up the Incredible Hulk. Hulk tired. Hulk need more carbs... I think I lost my hulkness after that.

About 1,000 runners beat Pete, which means that the Coach donated about $5,000 to the school's general scholarship fund.

Coach Petersen said this is probably the only competition he might like losing, but admitted, Really I don't even like losing at this, but it is a good cause.

So the real winners could be kids out there we don't know about yet. Ones who will get to go to college because of the money raised at this race.

It's a great cause, said Fitzpatrick. Kids need help going to college. So, that's a great reason to come out here, and help the school out, helps the kids out. You can't beat that.

It's all about the students at Boise State, said Petersen. Education is expensive. Unfortunately, that's just the way it is. So anything we can do, and the people of this city can do, to give a handful of students a chance to go to college that deserve it. This is a good day.

Organizers say the run has raised $138,000 for the general scholarship fund over the first five years. They hope to add about $40,000 this year. They should have the final numbers by Monday.

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