SILVER VALLEY, Idaho -- Officers with the Idaho State Police have seized 120 pounds of marijuana, meth and other heavy drugs during traffic stops in the past three months.

The totals are from ISP's Region 1 -- an area that consists of the state's five northern counties.

Officers say they're just doing normal traffic enforcement, and these enforcements are leading to bigger busts.

Investigators say they've made about 9,000 traffic stops between January and March in Region 1. During those stops, officers cited 53 people for drugs or having paraphernalia.

During three different busts, 24, 37, and 65 pounds of marijuana were also seized.

ISP Lieutenant Chris Schenck says Interstate 90 in Shoshone and Kootenai Counties has seen the largest drug busts.

It's coming by all the time out there, Schenck said.

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